education is important, period! it's how we EMPOWER ourselves to make more educated choices truly supporting our lives. here, at earth's garden apothecary, i offer quality educational pages on the website and classes/workshops to broaden the horizons of our clients while having some fun. and who doesn't like to learn something fun and easy? money saving too!

the classes are designed to be fun and informative, not your old school way of learning - no hand raising here. a few of the classes will actually have goodies made in class for you to take home with you. all of them will be accompanied by handouts with most of the key points and information on them for your reference at home. many of the classes will be a single evening or morning (and hour or two), while others will build upon the previous class like a series.

some of the classes/workshops taught are natural cleaning products - yes, they are just as good, and, in my opinion, better than what you find in a store...healthier for you and your home too, aromatherapy, herbs, tips & tricks on green living, and so much more. you will be amazed at what you already have in your kitchen or home that can make so many positive changes in the lives of your family and the money you get to save. gift making classes are a sure way to add a new twist to your spirit of gift giving.

quick tips. . .

helpful little tid-bits

  • have a stinky garbage disposal?
    place some baking soda down the drain and let it sit over night before running the water, or squeeze the juice of 1 lemon into it and let it sit before running water down the drain