guided meditation/chanting

i'm sure we've all heard of a guided meditation right? well if not, you are in for a treat!

these classes are for the soul purpose of helping you have a more relaxed, healthier, happier life. the 2nd sunday of each month will be stress relief/relaxation. the 4th sunday of the month will be of my choosing. now this could be weight management/healthy eating, abundance, self love, or it could even be chanting...yep chanting. you would be surprised what chanting can do for a perosn.

guided meditation is similar to hypnosis, and you are always in control. it takes you on a journey, where your mind creates the imagry based on my words. it's quite a fascinating way to create shift and health in your life. the stress relief/relaxation classes will begin to build upon each other and you will find greater benefits as time passes with each class you attend. will you join me?

class size is limited to 8 and preregistration is required by the friday before. i ask this because this is done in my home and i want to honor my time and space as i'm giving them to you as a gift for aiding in your life's health and happiness. i will hold this class for as few as 1 attendee.

the class is being held at my home and you will receive the address once you've registered. you may rsvp for this class by calling me at 602.214.5006, email me, or register online.. cost is $10/class and no-one will be turned away for an inability to pay. can't wait to see you!