Eia (pronounced ee-uh) get's it name from my life long childhood nickname. a young neighbor boy, about 6 months older than myself, couldn't pronounce maria. he called me Eia. my family over time picked up the name and i've been known by it ever since. so, at some point in time years ago, i had decided somehow, some way, i was going to get that name out there. here it is, my body care line.

the product line has been developed from my personal body care preferences. that being said, the shower gel lathers, though not at all like those commercial brands with all the yucky stuff in them; the lotion is light weight and full of yummy botanicals; the sugar scrub, well you could eat it, though it probably won't taste very good and it's full of yumminess for the skin and leaves you feeling pampered. now the lip joy, my version of a lip butter - please don't call it chapstick (ick), is silky smooth and glides on without the heavy waxiness of others out there - i really dislike waxy lips. these are all holistically blended with the highest quality ingredients available and i only use pure essential oils - no synthetic fragrance here. i utilize as many locally accessible products as i can when making Eia. it's important to me to support my community of local vendors as well as maintain quality.

Eia will only be found in specialty stores of my selecting. trust me when i say, you will not at any time, find my product in a big chain store. by keeping to the "mom & pop" stores, i am able to further support the local communities where my products are available. supporting them, while they help support me, is what community is about.

because of my belief in community and helping to support each other as well as this great mother earth we live on, it's with this in mind i offer a recycling program. what does this mean to you? it means an opportunity to purchase refills or to "sell" your bottles or glass jars back to me for repurposing. "selling" your bottles or jars back to me then allows you the advantage of a discount on your next purchase. i repurpose the packaging keeping it out of landfills or recycling facilities, that's why my lables are bumperstickers - i can disinfect them!

please check out my calendar for information on events i'm attending and to see my availability to schedule your own event for an introduction to Eia.

p.s. my products are sulfate and paraben free!!!! so yummy stuff for your skin, enjoy!


Thanks to you, I have delicious lips! ~♥ Y.N., IL

Hey! I received the lip balms on Friday. I really like them! Thanks a bunch! ~C.W., IL

As soon as I got the package, I dove into it! It's so beautiful! I didn't realize it was for lips! That's ok, it's so awesome! Thank you for your card as well! ~C.B., WI

I enjoy using all of the Eia products. My favorite is the Lavender & Bergamot lotion. It works awesome on my super dry hands! It is also great to find a healthy product that is not super expensive. You can feel the love that went into making these and they smell amazing! ~F.P., LA